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Account not in use.

2010-04-19 15:47:20 by Shinrog

From here on I'm no longer will submit any new works on this account, but instead you will be able to find new stuff on the collab account me and my bro have opened up. Meet us in

As for the moment we've got there the WIP of Infertehno 2

Small Disaster :(

2008-08-25 08:09:33 by Shinrog

After a long work on Infertehno 2, as I just finished and started converting it to MP3 file, a memory error occured and the flp file seems to be curropted. As I'm a careful person, I make backups so I got a pretty recent version of it, but the very most of the mastering is gone, which means...a delay...again =((
Try looking into my 2 latest works, 1 is a classicaland 1 is dance!:
-Life of a Cloud (Classical)
-Shadows of Rave(Dance)

Alive, but not kicking =/

2008-08-05 03:24:14 by Shinrog

Finished Battle Shout as promissed, as well as I see some progress with Infertehno 2, so we'll see bout it =)
Have fun in your life, peace for now!


2008-06-24 04:57:56 by Shinrog

Finally after 3 insane weeks with a test every day or 2, I got some time to make something new.
There is something to wait for, so be patient =D

EDIT: The remix of PoE is out, listen,review and vote! Don't forget to have fun during the process,it'll make your life better ;)

A project of mine...

2008-06-07 03:35:38 by Shinrog

Working on a pretty hard one nowadays, a remix of "Flying Away" by F-777.

Edit: The full remix is out now, click on the link to hear it! Might upload the pic of the FL file later.

Also working on another (original) project of mine but it wont be out in the near week or 2.

EDIT: 0 bombers...
Just withing 1 night, every high-rated (above 4.5) track I've submitted went down to around 4.1-4.3.
The funny thing is that whoever've done this put around 10-20 votes in a row just to make it that low.
The questing is, ARE YOU BORED??? I've already got the fact that there are 0 bombers but that is just a new Guiness record! I mean how much frustration do you people have in yourself to come to this site and spill it on innocent people?? Your dad beats you? your boss doesn't like you and lowered your salary?? Go to a shrink and spill it out on him, instead of trying making people crazy (not that I'm affected by this), that wont only make your life much happier, it will also make you feel good with yourselves.


2008-05-22 08:13:38 by Shinrog

These days are a lil bit tense for me right now, but I'm working on a Remaster of one of my oldest pieces, A point of View, hopefully will be much better with the skills I have today.
Stay tuned...

EDIT: Done the remaster...was a headache but got it pretty good IMO.

Woot also Battle of survival got to the 16th place in the Best Tracks Ever... thanks to everyone who listened,reviewd and voted.

Something new...

2008-05-01 15:38:21 by Shinrog

Testing some new things these days, VSTi's and stuff... up to some killerous tune I've got while washing the dishes,hopefully won't ruin it as I do pretty often these days xD

Check it out,I didn't ruin it this time...called Infertehno!


2008-02-17 14:38:47 by Shinrog

Here's the thing: every time one of my songs got a nice and high score,there is just 1 0 bomber who gets it down pretty bad. got a problem with me? keep it to yourself and grow up. just cant even imagine how old are you,brobably within the range of 6 and 10,any higher would be very pity.